Yagba Group Clamour For Isiaq Ajibola


A group in the Yagba/Mopa Amuro Federal Constituency, THE INTEGRITY GROUP, has called on a former Managing Director of Media Trust Limited, Publisher of Daily Trust Newspaper.Alhaji Isiaq Ajibola, to join the race for the House of Representatives in the 2019 general elections. 

The group, made up of upcoming youths with the sole aim of promoting ethical standards in the polity, youth participation and bringing democratic dividends closer to the people, made the personate plea in a press statement at the weekend.

The membership of the group cuts across the three local governments, Yagba West, Yagba East and Mopa Amuro, that make up the constituency.

Explaining that the thrust of the group is to identify youths and people with common objectives of bringing the desired development to Yagba land, the conveners of the Integrity Group, Durojaiye Hassan and Johnson Toba Isaiah, said the group has over the years observed the level of decay and neglect occasioned by poor and selfish representation in the past, stressing that it is a shame that “our communities remain worse than we were before the advent of the current democratic dispensation.”

Continuing, the group said in the statement:  “We can no longer fold our arms and adopt the ‘siddon-look’ approach and allow selfish and visionless politicians continue to exploit our silence. The time has come for us to act. The time has come for us to improve the quality of our representation at  all levels, the time has come for us to participate in deciding our future and ensuring that we have  visionary, selfless and honest leaders who can improve our lots and better the lives of our people.”

On the choice of Ajibola and the need to call on him to represent the constituency, the group said a careful scanning of notable people from the federal constituency leaves “us with no choice than Alhaji Isiaq Ajibola, a man who helped nuture a media company from nothing to one of the largest Newspapers in Nigeria. 

“His antecedent in community and human development is unmatched  and as a person, the Integrity Group identify with his personality, honesty, diligent and selflessness, philanthropic activities, particularly to the youths.  He is  a manager par excellence, a professional and a nationally recognized media Executive.

While conceeding that it cannot reel out enough of his citation, the group insists that its members strongly believe he has the quality to lead the constituency,  as his antecedents speak volume about his capacity and capabilities.

The group further advised the youth in the constituency to be wise and refuse vehemently the temptation to sell their right to quality representation, adding that exercising the right to vote a credible candidate will determine their future.

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  1. Alhaji Isiaq Ajibola is also a philantropist, i believe with him Yagba community will record great success and achieve their desired goal.


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