April 15, 2024

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Student Expelled For Impregnating Female Lecturer

A student of the Federal University of Lafia, Nasarawa State has been reportedly expelled from the school for allegedly impregnating his lecturer.

The student said to be studying computer science at the school was expelled after facing the University’s disciplinary board which found him guilty.
The committee it was gathered, said the news of a student impregnating his lecturer is capable of tarnishing the image of the institution.
It said the promiscuous behaviour also watered down the dignity and integrity of the lecturer and negate the codes that regulate the teacher versus student interaction.
However, some people who reacted to the entire episode have criticized the decision of the disciplinary team, noting that there is nothing wrong with a consensual love relationship between the two adults.
A number of people have come out to criticize the level of self-respect for the lecturers and the codes that regulate the teacher versus student interaction.
Similarly, the student after receiving his expulsion letter argued that the decision was too harsh as he didn’t take the action on his own.
In his narration of events, he said the lecturer had convinced him to sleep with her. He noted that he could not turn down the offer that came with harsh penalities from the lecturer and of course, the lecturer herself was beautiful.
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